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                          Resilience Camp

Resilience Summer Camp
Resilience Camp ( formally known as YES Academy) is our primary youth program. 10-30 at-risk youth ages 10-17  who have experienced a traumatic event are selected from a pool of applicants to attend a one week sleepaway camp that teaches SEL, resilience and self-esteem building workshops that challenge participants to identify their trauma, how to cope in  healthy ways and access healing. The purpose of Resilience Summer Camp is to remove “troubled” youth from their usual environment into one that is peaceful, safe and will empower youth to face their internal conflicts, begin the process to overcome them and convert their trauma into a motivational tool to achieve their professional goals. All youth participants will be provided a mentor to serve as their personal resilience coach for the duration of the camp. All mentoring pairs remain in contact beyond Resilience Summer Camp. 
Resilience Camp (Adults)
Resilience Camp adults is a secondary program that provides adults who have experienced trauma an opportunity to attend a weekend retreat to acknowledge trauma, identify coping/ resilience skills and begin healing for a fee. Through various workshops  and reflective activities, participants are challenged to let go of their pain and transform one’s perspective of self.  Participants are provided access to coaching to support the continuation of their healing process.
Customized Resilience Camp
Schools, companies, church groups etc. are eligible to request a resilience camp for your group. Whether it is for one day or for a weekend, we can create a resilience camp aimed at your group population and their needs. To learn more or schedule an assessment please email us at resilientyoungminds@gmail.com 



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