Adult Services

We fight trauma with resilience to create safe spaces for healing to begin.

Annual Healing Retreat

Weekend away to begin the process of releasing the pain caused by trauma.

Healing & Resilience Coaching:

1:1 Counseling Sessions and activities with a team member as a support through healing process.

Individual, Group & Couple Therapy

*Fees determined after consultation*

My takeaway from the retreat is learning that vulnerability is OK. It is OK to open your heart and be receptive to love and the experience.

— Bianca Retreat Participant 2021

My takeaway is more self-love, my light won’t be dimed. I feel more confident and more motivated. I feel like others and I am not in this situation alone. My takeaway in totality is strength, courage, love, greater sense of family and as well purpose.

— Donny Retreat Participant 2021

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